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You have more than one option

1. You can download a restricted demo - (it is limited to 15 tasks and does not save) - to request this please fill in the form below.

2. If you have little time to evaluate, we can do a live demo over the web.

3. If you are looking for five licences or more, we can arrange a demo in your offices.

Downloadable software: You are welcome to a free demo version of Project Commander.

The quickest way to get one is by downloading from the web. For instructions on how to download the product you want:

  • Either complete and submit the form below, checking that you get a message indicating successful submission
  • Or send us the equivalent information in an email


Project CommanderAn integrated solution for project planning. This is a DEMO VERSION only for evaluation purposes. It has several restrictions. You can only enter 15 rows and you cannot save. It has no time limit to use.

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A link will be emailed to you by email within a working day. Only, if you require a demonstration copy urgently, please ring us direct on 01226 792222.

Important : We check the details below are legitimate before sending the demo link. So entering bogus names/details means you will not receive a link or be asked for correct information.

Project Commander - Demo Request

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